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Gifts to Romance HER

Ahhh, Women love romance and love to be admired and loved and pampered by their sweetheart. There is nothing better to be in love and be loved. Choose a romantic gift that is unique and special for Anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, Mother’s Day and Christmas. The gift represents how you feel about her and how you see her. The top choices to go with the main romance gift are Flowers for her, chocolates gifts, jewelry for her and women fragrances. Those gifts also work well to give her when saying you’re sorry, you’re a great wife or just because.
Any gifts that express love, romance, beauty, or highlights your relationship as a couple are perfect. Look for His and Her gifts, Mr. and Mrs. Gifts, engraved gifts, Heart shaped gifts, Love gifts, eternity journey forever jewelry, fragrances, chocolates, lingerie that looks lovely and fits in a way that highlights the beauty of her body (not a size 2 model), or pretty, sensual bedding, plush bath or lingerie that is soft, silky or lacey.


Custom Jewelry Boxes
Add a Message Add Your Names Personalized Gifts


Romance Love Gifts for Her
Keep Going. See all these Gifts below.

Timeless Message in a Bottle
Jewelry is Hot
Romantic Eternity Rings
I Love You so much Necklaces
Journey Necklace Gifts
Romantic Heart Shaped Pendants
Chocolate Makes Me Happy
Be My Valentine
I’d Marry You Again
Pearls & Diamonds
Latest Popular Fragrances Perfumes
Heart Shaped Lockets
Roses for My Love
Lover’s Knot Bracelets
Always In My Heart Jewelry
Promise Rings My Promise
Anniversary Rings & Bands
Engagement Rings
Three Stone Rings – Past Present Future
Crystal Flowers & Hearts
Heart Shaped Earrings
Romance Silver Gifts
Romantic Gift Baskets for Two
Sculpted Jewelry Trees
Musical Jewelry Boxes
Romantic Cell Phone Case or Cover or Charms
Gold Roses Silver Roses
Plush Robes, Towels & Blankets
Romantic Silk Robe
Our Love Story Binders
Valentine’s Day
Holiday Gifts
Anniversary Gifts
Romantic Chocolate Gifts
Plus Much More!!


Holiday Gifts for Her



Message in a bottle

Top Love Gifts! You cannot find custom Message in a Bottle gifts in stores or shopping Mall. This personalized Unique Gift will become a treasured keepsake. A truly romantic gift idea that shows her how much you love her, gives her a heartfelt message and it’s not like anything else. Messages in a Bottle are unique, personalized, thought-filled, beautiful and lasting! This gift stands out from the Rest. Watch her eyes light up and see how she feels extra special. It will be remembered and cherished each and every day. Looking to create an amazingly romantic and exciting experience? From the moment she starts opening the gift till she read the message her heart and being was filled with tender and passionate love for me having put together something so meaningful and personal. You’ll find the experience so rewarding that you want to do it for your mom, sister, or friends for other Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Birthdays, or just to tell how much they mean to you.


Romantic Message in a Bottle
Holiday Gifts for Her



Giving Her a Romantic Gift is Fun

Giving and receiving romantic gifts should be fun, rewarding and bring a smile to our face. We’d like to help you locate the perfect gift with helpful advice, time proven tips, and connect you with lots of options for unique, cool and quality gifts that fit all price ranges and budgets. Baslee Troutman wishing you healthy, happy and prosperous travels.

You’ve come to the right place for some great romance gift ideas and options for Women, Wives, Fiancés, Girlfriends, Sweethearts and Brides. All those important ladies in your life would love for you to show her how much you love her at Christmas, Her Birthday, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary gifts, Easter gifts, and Mother’s Day gifts for your wife and other special occasions.


Jewelry is Hot

Jewelry gifts are Hot! Women love receiving jewelry and watches from just about anyone for all those special occasions like Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversary gifts, Birthdays, Child’s Birth and of course, all those life changing days that signify being a couple like engagements and weddings. View great ideas for women gifts for personalized jewelry gifts, gemstones, birthstones, design your own bracelets, charms, rings, necklaces, lockets, watches, earrings, eternity rings, circle of life jewelry, yesterday/today/tomorrow jewelry, journey pendants, stud earrings, heart-shaped pendants, and religious jewelry. We have gifts that are perfect for Wives, Girlfriends, Mothers, Daughters, Sisters, Grandma, and Friends.

See Our Helpful Gift Guide and Gift Giving tips below. You can quickly and easily shop, click and send gifts 24/7. Everyone is shopping on-line because it is convenient. You can literally choose from 100,000’s gift items. You can find the best price, and see all the sales and discounts immediately. You can use the retailer’s safe-checkout options. Be the first to see and know about new trends, colors, styles and gift products for people, occasions and holidays. Click through to the gifts pages to see an incredible selection of gift ideas for your wife, bride, fiancé, girlfriend, and lover. Shopping for holiday and special occasion gifts couldn’t get any simpler.


Jewelry is Hot
Best Sellers at Amazon Engagement & Wedding


Eternity Rings
Most Romantic Gift of All

Eternity rings are the most romantic gift of all. The eternity ring is described as a lady's ring, worn on her hand. The ring is comprised of a band of precious metal (usually gold) set with a continuous line of identically cut gemstones (usually diamonds) which symbolizes never-ending love. Husbands give this to their wife to celebrate significant anniversaries. You can also give the rings to daughters, moms, and grandmothers to show you never-ending love for them. It is especially significant if the woman does not have a partner. Eternity rings come in many different settings of different kinds of precious metals and gems. They fit in every budget range.


Eternity Rings



I Love You So Much Necklaces

Tell her that she is always in your heart with a “Love” necklace. Show her your commitment. She means the world to you and will love her forever. Infinity necklace gifts, will show my love for you is forever and ever and ever. Beautiful best choices for I Love You necklace gifts for her.


I Love You So Much Necklace Gifts for Her


Journey Necklace Gifts

Heart and journey necklaces or pendants are always a great way to go because it is the symbol of love, attraction and romance. The journey necklace is a strand of graduating diamonds or gemstones, showing the "journey" you are on together with your romantic partner.


Journey Necklaces Gifts
Engagement Jewelry Gifts


Romantic Heart Shaped Pendant

Heart shaped pendants are a Top Pick for giving your Wife or Sweetheart a romantic gift. Your choices are numerous. Many heart pendants have designs that symbolize special meanings. Look for the right story for you and let her know she is always in your heart.


Heart Shaped Pendants
Holiday Jewelry for Her
Great gift ideas for Anniversaries


Bridal Brides Bridesmaids
Necklaces Bracelets Earrings Purses

Jewelry for the Bride, Maid of Honor and Bridesmaids. She will look so beautiful and gorgeous on the most important day of her life. This is the moment you want her to be wearing a special, personal gift from you. Bridal necklaces, bracelets, and earrings for the Bride, Bridesmaids, Flower Girl, Mother of the Bride, Mother of the Groom and Maid of Honor. Tell the Mother of Bride, Mother of the Groom and all the special Grandmothers how much you appreciate them and thank you for the beautiful wedding by decking them out with classy jewelry to wear on the wedding day.


Bridal Gifts Jewelry
Brides Wedding Jewelry
Gifts Bridesmaids Maid of Honor Flower Girl


Chocolate Makes Me Happy

Chocolate is my favorite sweet. Chocolate is a delicacy. Chocolate makes me Happy. Chocolate is Love. We love the pure, creamy chocolate melting in our mouth, bringing us heaven, warmth, and sweet love. We get fond recollections as chocolates sooth you while the sweet taste melts in your mouth and inspires your taste buds with delightfulness. Every time chocolate passes my lips and touches the tip of my tongue, I get this warm feeling and smile inside. Chocolates exemplified the mind-body-food connection. Women know what it does and how it feels. It’s capturing a moment, like savoring some memory of love and pleasure and comfort. We do have an emotional attachment, a craving for it, a desire for it. Love me with Chocolate, please!


Chocolates Gifts for Romantic Occasions


Valentine’s Day Chocolates for Her

The perfect gift for Valentine’s Day Chocolate gifts. The finest chocolates to tell her how much you love her. She means the world to you and you want her to know she is your One and Only Love.


Romantic Chocolate Gift Baskets
Valentine’s Day Chocolate Gift Baskets


Pearls & Diamonds
Lovers Necklace Gifts

Doesn’t every woman loved to be romanced or told she is the most important woman in our life. We are natural born romantics! Little girls dream about being the beautiful princess that is going to be carried away by her handsome prince. We love hearing the words I Love You, as many times as one can say it. We love being loved and hearing compliments, and getting romantic gifts, or jewelry that makes us feel cute or classy or sexy.


Pearls & Diamonds Jewelry
Beautiful Sophisticated Jewelry for Her


Latest Popular Fragrances Perfumes
You Smell So Good!

Giving Fragrances and perfume is a personal gift that is warmly received if the right scent is chosen. Women wear fragrances because it affects mood, attraction, desirability, and because it elicits fond memories or out of gratitude for the person who gave it to them. It’s not just the scent, certain smells create psychological reactions. Young women and women in their twenties are inspired more by the media, singers, movie stars and their friends. Women in their 30s follow all the patterns and trends. By or after 40, women wear fragrances simply because they love the scent. Around 60 and after, they are more attentive to what other people like for them, and they will wear a fragrance because someone special gave it to them or because their daughter, spouse or friends say they like it. Believing that certain fragrances make us more attractive, sexy or desirable, it will have just that effect for us as we see that in ourselves. Scents bring us back to people. That is why many people wear fragrances similar to their mothers. Wearing perfume to lead others to remember you is believed and practiced by many. Pleasant smells seem to lead people to be nicer, whether its perfume or food smells.

How Fragrances Work

Fragrances are designed to release three different smells, once when you first put it on, after it’s been on 2-4 hours, and 4-8 hours later. The first stage can be much different from the later scents, being more vibrant and strong at first, then it settles into the more subtle aroma. Perfumes are classifies into main scent families. The scent categories only exist because the industry uses the terms to create and market different fragrances. Here are a few you might have heard of:
Floral smells like flowers
Fruity smells like fruit, including citrus
Green smells like fresh grass or leaves
Herbaceous smell like any variety of herbs
Woody smell like different types of wood
Amber smell like tree resin
Animalic smell bodily smells
Musk like a substance made by the musk deer
Oriental smells like amber and spice


Best Selling Fragrances for Her


Heart Shaped Lockets

Heart Shaped Locket work too. Heart shaped lockets let you personalize it by carefully cropping a photo of the two of you and placing them within the locket. She’ll have you close to her heart.

Heart Shaped Lockets
Romantic Jewelry for Her


One Dozen Roses Two Dozen Roses
Sending Her Flowers

Time for some Flowers for her, and you need to know what the most popular colors of roses mean. Give her the right message by sending:
Red: The Red Rose is the universal sign of love. Your love is everlasting, enduring, and forever passionate.
White: Young love. It signifies innocence, purity, humility and serenity. The white rose is great for weddings, proms and other events where youth or innocence is being celebrated.
Dark Pink: You are grateful for her and appreciate her.
Yellow: Show her warmth and affection. You are happy with her. You are caring for her if she is down or sick.
Orange or Coral: You’re passionate about her. She excites you and you find her sexy. You are attracted and she is desirable.
Lilac and purple: Love at first site and you are enchanted.
Peach: If she has lost someone she loves.
You can Mix colors too. Try mixing red with white to express deep love but see them as being pure and having innocence


Loving Words to Express Romantic Feelings on cards. What to say on the Flower arrangement Card:

  • Once given, never forgotten, my love for you.
  • You are the love that comes into my life, when heaven opens its doors.
  • I close my eyes and I see you, I open my eyes and I see a beautiful lady that I love.
  • My love and joy.
  • My heart beats your name.
  • Today, Tomorrow, Forever.
  • I will always love you.
  • For every time you’ve made me smile.
  • Babe, You’re the Best Valentine.


Romantic Roses Bouquets


Giving Chocolate Gifts
It’s a Great Idea!


Chocolate Romance Gift Baskets


Chocolate gifts are Beautiful and Budget Friendly for mom or Dad, grandparents, or siblings, children, husbands, wives, friends, co-workers and other family members. There are dozens of decadent ways to dish up the love. Or, you can send chocolate just to surprise them to let them know you miss them and are thinking of them.

It’s easy to shop at the last minute from the comfort of your home or office. No racing around the mall, and need to gift wrap or spend time in line the post office.

Why Gift Basket
 are such a Special
 gift to Her

If you have never received a gift basket before, then you are probably asking yourself why you would want to. Gift baskets are the ideal gifts for every occasion. Send or give them for Birthday gifts, Christmas Gifts, Valentine’s Day gifts, Anniversary gifts, Thank You gifts, Client gifts, Employee gifts or other Holiday like Easter or Mother’s Day. Chocolate gift baskets are the perfect gift to show appreciation. They are a wonderful way to say thank you for being our customer or to court a new client. Show how important they are to you by sending a chocolate gift today.

Ttraditional gift baskets is generally filled with gourmet goodies, fine chocolates or gifts, however the beauty of the gift basket is that you can put almost anything in and each one is different. The joy of giving a chocolate gift basket is that it has many items inside and the gift keeps on giving. It’s many little gifts inside one big gift. Each basket is put together like a piece of art.

Chocolate Gift baskets are perfect gifts because you can have as much as you want and also share it with others. The entire office or family enjoys the gifts. You can open an item and share or give away an entire component for them to share with others.

You can always hide other gifts inside the gift basket like jewelry, gift cards or other personal gifts as a surprise. Often the baskets come with celebration items like wine, champagne and wine glass sets. This is to enjoy with the chocolate gifts. They can be for romantic celebrations like an engagement or as part of an anniversary gifts or Valentine’s day gift, or just for a romantic evening with your wife or girlfriend.

The container or baskets come in all different shapes, colors and sizes. They are creative gifts that present very well, and invoke warm, tender emotions. So, when you are thinking of what romantic gift to give, add a wonderfully sweet gift basket. It works every time. Happy gift giving! Baslee Troutman wishing you happy, healthy, and prosperous travels!


Anniversary Chocolate Gifts

Chocolate gifts for your Anniversary are perfect gift to set a romantic mood and get her thinking very fondly of you. Take a look at these elegant gifts. Champagne or wine gift baskets, milk chocolates, dark chocolates, and many other custom created chocolates. Celebrating your first anniversary or your fiftieth you’re sure to find just the right gift. Classy, gourmet, mouthwatering and memorable, so you’ll find everything you need to make a I Love You and You are My One and Only statement.

Anniversary Gifts Chocolate


I Love Chocolate! I Love You!
Thanks for the Gift Basket!


Always In My Heart Jewelry

Always in My Heart necklaces, rings and jewelry is a wonderful way to express your feelings and love. No union is made more perfect or can be filled with more love, than to say you are always in my heart by giving the intertwined hearts jewelry to represent signify your relationship. Want the jewelry that you give to her to have significant and meaning, give her the beautiful, romantic Always in My Heart piece.

Always in My Heart
Jewelry to Romance her


About Rings
Choosing Jewelry for Her

Rings promise commitment, dedication and loyalty. Rings go hand-in-hand with getting together, making that promise to be together, engagements and anniversaries. Plus you can get her one to express being together for eternity or your never-ending love. One of the most popular rings for romantic gift giving is the promise ring. The Promise ring symbolizes a commitment to each other, for it is almost a pre-engagement ring. They look a lot like engagement rings but are smaller and simpler. Another romantic style is the three-stone ring, the three stones representing a couple's past, present and future together. These are very popular now with different colored diamonds, gems birthstones along with traditional clear diamonds. Three-stone diamond rings make lovely wedding and anniversary rings.


Promise Rings

What is a Promise Ring? Promise rings are given to symbolize a promise that one person makes to another. This ring is often given long before the relationship has evolved to getting engaged. Engagement rings symbolize a promise to get married, while a promise rings has many other meanings. Both men and women give promise rings. When giving the promise ring, you’ll want to express the meaning the ring has before she opens it. You’ll both want to understand and be comfortable with what the promise ring represents.
Promise rings can be a vow to mean:
I will be faithful to you and return to you.
I have made a promise to you.
I promise to love you.
Promise rings can mean I intend to marry you, but I'm not ready to become engaged.
You are my one and only. My favorite valentine. My greatest love.
I will always be there for you. We are united.
I am promising to give you a bigger, formal ring later when we can afford it.


My Promise to You
Promise Rings


Anniversary Rings & Bands

Anniversary Rings are usually diamond and gem gold bands given to your better half to celebrate an Wedding Anniversary. You can give these on any anniversary celebrations, it doesn’t have to be a big one like the 10th or 25th Wedding anniversary. What makes it an anniversary ring? Style. Looks. Diamonds. Well, the answer is all of those reasons, any combination of those reasons, or none or those reasons. Anniversary rings can be anything you want. Any type of gold or gems can be in an Anniversary rings.

A few of the standard, most common types of anniversary rings are Channel set rings, Past-Present-Future 3 Diamond rings, Eternity rings, You are in My Heart rings, diamond cluster rings, Love Knot rings, Pave Set rings, two tone rings and journey rings. Any Ring or Band can be used as an Anniversary Ring.


Anniversary Rings


Engagement Rings

Engagement rings are extra special to women as they portray your eternal love and the lovely acceptance of a lifetime commitment to each other. Engagement rings can be traced back to around 800 BC in India. Diamonds are the symbol of strength and hardiness for eternity and the circle band symbolizes unity for an unbreakable marriage. You love always comes back to the same person. It is eternal. To choose the right engagement ring you’ll need to know your budget, know her likes and dislikes, how it fits her attire, current trends, what the final selection should be on ring type and style, what type of diamond and metal, what type of setting, and finger size. Many people shop on-line now to save time and money. They are able to shop when they have time, relax without the pressures found in a store to buy now or what the clerk likes, and research what you want then find the ring that strikes you as being the perfect one to represent your love and commitment.

Engagement rings come in several styles. There are many different kinds, so the choice really is up to the individual’s taste and budget. The main styles are Solitaire rings (diamond engagement rings with a solitaire), Diamond Accent rings (diamond engagement rings with side stones), Three Stone Diamond rings (diamond engagement rings with tree diamond or other stones), and Matching Bridal Sets (diamond engagement ring sets).


Engagement Rings


Three Stone Rings
Representing the Couples Past, Present & Future

Past Present Future rings or Yesterday Today Tomorrow rings are engagement rings that have three diamonds symbolizing the endurance and commitment of your love. They usually have a center-piece diamond with two smaller stones on each side of the larger diamond.


Three Stone Rings
Past Present Future Rings for her


Tennis Bracelets
Lovers Knot Bracelets
Charm Braceltes

Bracelets that show romantic love make gorgeous gifts. So many styles of bracelets are available that you can always find something that matches your significant other’s style and fashion. You can give diamond Tennis bracelets for special occasions, or charm bracelets with selected sentimental charms. A lovely choice is the Lovers' Knot bracelets and other patterns with historical meanings of love.


Romantic Tennis Bracelets



Lovers Knot Braceltes



Charm Bracelets


Crystal Flowers
Roses & Tulips
Swarovski Crystal Flower Gifts 

Crystal Tulips Perfect romantic gift for tulip lovers! Come see the lovely, sparkling Swaroski Crystal Flowers.

Crystal Flowers Gifts


Earrings for My Lover
Heart Shaped Earrings
Diamond Stud Earrings

Romantic jewelry can range from just a small gift to start a day right to an expensive pair for special occasions, like anniversaries. The most popular earring trend is gold hoop earrings; diamond studs are a wonderful option, too. When you want to show the Love in Your Heart, go with the Heart Shaped earring for a romantic gift for her. They send her a memorable message of love that is elegant, fashionable and playful.

Heart Shaped Earrings


Sculptured Jewelry Trees

Sculpted Jewelry Tree make a nice surprising gift that not only helps her organize and find her jewelry, they are also a piece of art. Decorating a designer tree with jewels, she’ll find that lots of fun.

Sculptured Jewelry Trees


Romantic Silver Gifts

Silver Gifts for Romancing her.

Romantic Silver Gifts


Romantic Watches

Watches: A great gift for both men and women, watches are always in fashion and necessary. This is also a great gift for all price ranges and occasions. You can find beautiful custom watches inlaid with diamonds or even birthstone or anniversary stones for milestone anniversaries. If it's a first birthday in a new relationship, find something fun or chic, something to show your newly found love that you know them better than they think.

Romantic Watches


Ring Holders

Sculptured Ring Holders can be a very special gift for her.

Sculptured Ring Holders


Gold Roses Silver Roses

Sculptured Gold roses will last forever. Silver ring holders to show her that will always love her.

Sculptured Gold or Silver Roses


Our Love Story
Custom Photo Binders Memories

Y Baslee Troutman Fine Art Prints and Gifts has lots of beautiful Floral binders that can be customized for Love Story photo memories binders or scrapbooks showing your journey together. Fill it with all your personal stories, trips, and celebrations. Get one of these personalized binders for her to collect what’s important to her while planning a wedding, your first year together, or to commemorate a Special Valentine’s Day or Anniversary milestones.


Love Story Binders Custom


Musical Jewelry Box – add Your Own
Handpicked Jewelry as a romantic surprise

Eternity rings are the most romantic gift of all. The eternity ring is described as a lady's ring, worn on her hand. The ring is comprised of a band of precious metal (usually gold) set with a continuous line of identically cut gemstones (usually diamonds) which symbolizes never-ending love. Husbands give this to their wife to celebrate significant anniversaries. You can also give the rings to daughters, moms, and grandmothers to show you never-ending love for them. It is especially significant if the woman does not have a partner. Eternity rings come in many different settings of different kinds of precious metals and gems. They fit in every budget range. Click here to go to the Rings gift ideas page to see a huge selection of Top Picks.


ADS Jewelry Box gifts
Sweet music Jewelry Box for Her from Amazon:


Choosing the Right Romantic Gift for Her

The all time favorite gifts for women are flowers, chocolates, fragrances and jewelry. Right there, you have an unlimited number of choices so it’s always nice to know a little more about what she likes. Not a month goes by that we probably don’t have to buy a gift.

Do this Right Now:

Open your calendar on your phone or get your scheduling calendar. If you don’t have one yet, get on. Everyone needs memory joggers and we have all been caught short on time and money. This only takes about ½ hour right now and you’ll very thankful all year. Place personal gift dates and a 3 week reminder dates before the actual date in your calendar for the next year, (set it as a recurring appointment) on your calendar. After these dates are on your calendar, you are going to jot down ideas, notes or tips on those dates. Even the hardest to buy for person, always points out something they like during the year. Plus, this will give you time to ask people you don’t quite as well, what their interests are in your daily conversations with them. You’ll also be able to see how much you need to budget during the year, and in specific months, for the amount you will be budgeting.

Main Dates to set:

Wife’s Birthday, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Children’s Birthdays, Grandchildren’s birthdays, other birthdays that you celebrate and go to parties, Grandparent’s day, parent or children’s anniversaries if you celebrate them, Friends birthdays.

For work set these days:

Boss’ birthday, your assistant’s birthday, Professional Assistants Day, and any other close co-workers that you will be buying gifts for.

Think about any occasions that may be occurring in the next year:

Birthday’s of your children’s friends, Graduations, Weddings, Bridal showers, Baby births, Retirements, farewell to college, New home purchase, religious ceremonies, and national celebration days for professions like “National Nurses Week.”
We all know when Christmas, Easter and Back-to-School is, so we can make a plan in advance to shop throughout the year.
Pick up small gifts for unexpected birthdays, get well, someone gives you a gift and you want to reciprocate, thank you gifts, and thank you for your services (gifts for your the help).


Wrap up in Plush Robes Towels Blankets
Create a Romantic Atmosphere

Wrap yourself in luxury, wrap you in luxury, then enjoy some of the other romantic gifts. Bath and spa, wine, chocolates, giving her jewelry, a relaxing evening with just the two of you.


Snuggle up in Plush Robes Towels Blankets


Romantic Silk Robe

There is something about silk and satin. It feels luxurious. Put them together with lace, luxury and lace and what do you get? Romance, luxury and comfort all at the same time. You can't get any better than that then presenting a woman with a luxurious silk or satin robe as a Romantic Gift for Valentine's Day. Keep in mind the true size of your wife and her age. The robes that look best on a young women, are not the same as the ones that will make your middle-aged wife feel beautiful. At any age, size, and build, women still want to be desired and look sensual.


Romantic Silk Robes for Her


Romantic Wine Coasters
Customize Add Your Names

A Little Wine, a Little Romance, you’re your off to creating a memorable moment. Create some custom wine coasters personalized just for you, add her pet name or a loving saying.

Personalized custom Drink Coasters


Sweets Candy Gifts for Her

Candy gifts for women come any way you want them from seasonal holiday candy baskets and bouquets to candy gifts to give to her as a get well wish. You’re sure to find something perfect for Moms, Daughters, Grandma, Sisters, Bosses, employees, Professional Assistant’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day. They even have candy Anniversary Bouquets and Birthday candy bouquet for any age. Want to get away from Bouquets, you can get bins, candy gift containers of fudge, chocolates, baked goods, sweet covered pretzels and any other candy or sweets you can think of. Truly a gift of indulgence.

Sweet Candy Bouquets


Sweets Candy Gifts for Her

Candy gifts for women come any way you want them from seasonal holiday candy baskets and bouquets to candy gifts to give to her as a get well wish. You’re sure to find something perfect for Moms, Daughters, Grandma, Sisters, Bosses, employees, Professional Assistant’s Day, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Mother’s Day. They even have candy Anniversary Bouquets and Birthday candy bouquet for any age. Want to get away from Bouquets, you can get bins, candy gift containers of fudge, chocolates, baked goods, sweet covered pretzels and any other candy or sweets you can think of. Truly a gift of indulgence.

Sweet Candy


How Many Gifts a Year do You Give Women?

That’s a lot of Gifts!! No wonder we have a hard time keeping up. I’ll bet once you start thinking about it and planning ahead that you’ll have several more items to add to your calendar dates that require gift purchasing.

Don’t reinvent the gift giving wheel. Old time favorite will still work, and when you come across something unique and different, buy several and put it in your gift stock. If you know what a person likes or their hobbies are, stick with that for multiple years. Usually you can come up with gifts related to their hobbies and they will love and appreciate them.

Jot Down Ideas and Keep an Eye Out Throughout the Year.

Jot down ideas or notes through the year as they mention things that they like or would love to have. Many people will drop hints because they do not know how to just come out and tell someone directly what they really want. But, they will get their feeling hurt later because you are suppose to pay attention and know these things. It’s human nature for people to think they made something clearer than they did at the time. Watch for their clues or hints, however subtle they are. We’ll tell you below how to illicit more information from them or ask them to provide you with the details of what they want. You’d be surprise as how well people will find the gift and tell you where to get it.

Shopping through the Year

If you know your Wife loves Bearded Iris Flowers or Spring Blossoms, she does, because she always comments on it all year long. Note this on your calendar. She also has a new guest room (yes the kids moved out), but there’s nothing on the wall. She’s not a big shopper of wall art and will probably never get to it. You could do something really special for her by getting quality Floral Framed Photography Art Prints or Canvas Prints of Spring Tree Blossoms art canvas prints. This will truly be a gift she will enjoy many times over and would have never have gotten herself.

Set aside a storage space in a closet or garage that you can carefully pack and place in boxes the gifts you are holding for later. Put a note on the outside of the gift who it is for and what the occasion is. This allows you to find unique items, get them when you see them, and find the best price. You don’t have to buy something, or anything, just to get them a gift. This type of shopping removes the stress, urgency and feelings of obligation. It adds an element of fun and pleasure for knowing you have something special waiting for their special day. This changes everything. Getting a great gift for someone is fun and rewarding, the way it should be.

Asking Family or Friends to Find Out

Remember, unless they are able to casually find out what a person wants, along with the specifics, their idea of what was said or what may be like will be altered by their own style and likes. If you are going to ask for help, send a couple of options with them to see if they can find out what is preferred or ask enough questions to see how much the person you are buying for express their desire for the item they are telling you they would like.

What kind of Jewelry does she wear, what kind of coffee does she like, what does she like to do to unwind and relax?

The answer for a gift will reveal itself just by looking at her fashion preferences, what catches her eye and what fits her lifestyle. Watch and Listen. You’ll learn everything you need to know about something she would love to have

Accessories that Compliment what they already have

Gifts will have special meaning if they are ones that go with something that she already enjoys. If she drinks wine or has a cell phone, the shop for cell phone covers cases and look at the trendy wine gift baskets. This will fit into a category that you know they already love. If she loves Fall Trees every year and you can see that she has room for artwork on the wall, you can find beautiful Autumn Photography printed on Art Paper Prints or Canvas prints.

A Get Your Gift Greeting Cards in advance.

Buy your Gift Greeting Cards in advance for the year. Baslee Troutman has a wonderful store on Zazzle that allow you to customize and personalize cards. You can add your own text or leave them blank to print or write in later. You’ll find custom greeting cards, color envelopes, cards seals and custom floral nature postage stamps for all occasions and seasons.

Buy what you are Comfortable with & can Afford

Gift buying can feel difficult at times. Some people love buying gifts and it comes natural, and others absolutely hate it as they look and look as the stress builds. We have all struggled with our assumption about how the recipient will respond and how much to spend. We don’t want to risk sending the wrong message about how much we care and what our feeling are.
Try not raising the bar too high because of assumed expectations. Give what feel comfortable to you and you can afford. Try very hard not to overspend to ‘gift-higher’ than what’s necessary because you think the hostess or recipient has high expectations. Give what you think they will enjoy, not to match what they have brought or the income level they have.

Do you have to Reciprocate when someone gives you a gift and you didn’t intend to get them one?

Gift giving isn’t always an even exchange, nor does it need to be matched. If you do not have a gift to reciprocate or don’t intend to give them one in exchange, then be prepared to graciously make them feel special for having been so generous and thoughtful. Just say thank you in person and send them a thank you note within a few weeks.

Reasonable Hostess gifts

Reasonable Hostess gifts can include a box of truffles, a dessert from a bakery, a bottle of wine from a local winery, or something as personal as specialty insulated oven mitts that are designed to be given as a stand-alone gift. It doesn’t matter what you paid for them.


Romantic Cell Phone Case or Cover or Charms

What is romantic about a Cell Phone Cover? Well, it’s personal and at The Baslee Troutman Floral and Nature Art Prints Gifts store you can choose from 100’s of cases that can have your own message added. Put her ‘pet name’ on it or tell her “I Love You Babe!” Cell phone covers are the new accessories that women carry with them with their handbags. This modern, unique and romantic gift can be worn all the time or for special occasions when you go out. Cell Phone charms are also trending They even have pink ones with big bows on them, get one, then take her out. Zazzle Gift Stores have unique, custom cell phone covers cases for Her, Baslee Troutman has 100’s of Floral & Nature cell phone cases, Or Click here to go to the Cell Phone Covers gift ideas page to see a huge selection of the Top Selections.


ADS Cell Phone Covers Cases
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Great Gift Ideas
Would you like to have Coffee? Again!

Want to tell her that you still want to invite her, and only her, for a cup of coffee? Only this time it will be an event between lovers, friends, and someone you don’t mind waking up to each and every morning. Here’s the trick. Get one of the beautifully packaged Coffee Gift Baskets and then custom order coffee mugs for you and her, along with coasters for you and her. Personalize the mugs and coasters with her pet name, or tell her you love her. Zazzle lets you add photos and text, or the Baslee Troutman Gift Stores at Zazzle has 1000’s of floral and nature mugs, coasters and other gifts. Some good options are Coffee Lovers gift baskets, personalized Coffee Mugs, Coffee mugs filled with chocolates, coffee ornaments, espresso sets, Coffee & Tea Basket Packages, Coffee Café Aprons with your own personalized sayings, Coffee Sandstone & Cork Coasters, or romantic Music to listen to with Your Coffee.


Creative Unique Gift Ideas
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