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Gift Guide for Coffee Lovers

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Coffee Lovers Guide
Coffee Gifts
Special Coffee Holiday Gifts
Buying Coffee & Coffee Equipment
Health Benefits of Coffee


COFFEE Lovers Gifts & Coffee Gift Baskets
We Love Coffee
Do You Love Coffee too?

You’ve come to the right place for some great Holiday gift ideas and Coffee gift guide tips for Coffee Lovers. Come see lots of Coffee equipment & Coffee gifts for Holiday gifts, Corporate gifts, Business gifts and personal Coffee gift baskets for Women, Men and couples. These make great gifts for Friends, neighbors, housewarming gifts, wedding gifts, birthday gifts and special gift packages special occasions, parties and entertaining. Let’s all get “Coffee Face” – that’s when someone lifts the freshly ground coffee to their face and closes their eyes while they take in the aroma. It’s a few seconds of sweet magic and a fine moment of relaxation as you picture yourself enjoying the coffee to come.

Looking for unique coffee gifts for friends and family who love Coffee? These Coffee Lovers gifts are fun to receive and will give hours of relaxing, yet exhilarating enjoyment. Some good options are coffee gift bags, Coffee Lovers gift baskets, Kona Coffee gifts, Coffee Mugs, Coffee mugs filled with chocolates, gourmet coffee, Coffee posters & framed art prints & coffee signs, coffee recipe books, Coffee table top books, coffee machines, Keurig Coffee machines, Keurig K cups, espresso machines, coffee grinders, coffee wall calendars, coffee ornaments plus a lot more.



Coffee Gifts Baskets
Great Holiday gifts for Friends and Family
Corporate Gifts Business Clients, Good Customers




Unique Custom Coffee Mugs Gifts



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Kona Coffee is a Great Gift for Coffee Lovers

Kona Coffee is thought to be one of the top gourmet coffees of the world. These coffee gift sets are great for business gifts, gifts for friends, family, neighbors and your favorite people at work. Its high quality, high demand and limited supply create a market place that makes it one of the more expensive coffees. It’s not a coffee you buy to brew every day, so it has become an excellent gift for Holidays, Parties, and special occasion gifts and even to give the new bride, new homeowner, hostess gifts or to celebrate high energy events like Promotions, Graduations, because of its high quality, high demand and limited supply. Pure Kona Coffee makes up less than 1% of the world's total coffee supply.

Kona Coffee is the name for coffee (Coffea arabica) grown on the slopes of the volcanoes Mauna Loa and Hualalai on the Big Island of Hawaii. Try it.



Kona Coffee Gifts
Great Gift Ideas




Keurig Brewers are great gifts
Keurig K Cups

Keurig is the ultimate brewing machine for single cup coffee and teas. Keurig was founded in 1990, and later purchased by the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters. Keurig coffee brewing machines brew millions of beverages each day, and are found are in many offices and businesses. Keurig K cups or K-Cup packs are for brewing single cups of coffee and tea. The inside of a K-cup pack has the ground coffee and a built in filter, with a foil top. They quickly brew a single cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate or other hot beverages. Once they machine has warmed up, you insert a single, prepackaged K-Cup pack into the machine, place your mug under the spout, press the brew button, and within 20-60 seconds, you have a hot beverage ready to drink.

Keuring machines are unique in that they brew coffee and teas by piercing the foil top with a spray nozzle, and the bottom of the cup with a second nozzle for discharge of beverage. The premeasured water is forced through the K-Cup pack over the ground or other brewing materials, through the filter and into the waiting mug or cup under the spout. You can adjust the temperature of the water to your preference.

K-Cup Packs come have a huge selection and varieties, many with different flavors in the packs. If you want to use your own coffee and not the single servings prepackaged, you can. The Keurig comes with a reusable filter in the home brewer models.



Keurig Brewers for Coffee and Tea




Keurig Coffee Accessories K-Cup Carousels
Keurig Storage Racks & Drawers
Keurig Filters & Accessories




Keurig Coffee Accessories K-Cup Carousels
Keurig Storage Racks & Drawers
Keurig Filters & Accessories




We love the Taste of Coffee
but what will it do for your health?

There is a wealth of studies and evidence now showing the health benefits of drinking coffee. There is a growing body of research showing that coffee drinkers, compared to nondrinkers, may live longer and are less likely to have type II diabetes, Parkinson's disease, and dementia. The studies also show that they have fewer cases of certain cancers, heart rhythm problems, respiratory problems, infections and strokes.


Coffee is more Helpful than Harmful

Coffee lovers are loyal to their brew. They love their coffee in the morning for the aroma and flavor, and then the complementary jump in energy and mood lifting benefits. How does coffee affect your health. Most don’t drink it for the coffee health benefits but it great to hear the new studies saying to go ahead and enjoy all the health perks. It’s nice to know that it’s not harmful, unless you over do it like anything else. There is more good news and then bad news. Watch your blood pressure when you first start drinking coffee, and adjust the amount as you go to find the optimal amount.


Coffee has Antioxidant
Antioxidants are good for your health

This might be why many studies have shown that you have a lower chance of getting type II Diabetes if you drink several cups of coffee a day. A few studies showed a decrease in the percentage, as you add each additional cup of coffee. Coffee contains antioxidants, one of the compounds in coffee that helps protect our bodies. Coffee beans contain chemicals called polyphenols scuch as flavan-3-oils, hydroxycinnamic acids, flavonols and anthocyanidins. These compounds have antioxidant effects which is believed to reduce oxidative cell damage. Then there are more antioxidant properties that are created when the coffee is brewed that isn’t there when it’s green. Expresso extraction has the most antioxidant properties. Coffee also contains the minerals magnesium and chromium, which help regulate the use of the hormone insulin. Insulin controls the blood sugar, or glucose. When you get type 2 Diabetes, your body has lost its ability to use insulin properly and therefore, regulate your blood sugar effectively. There are large quantities of antioxidants in coffee when it is freshly brewed.

Yes, coffee has antioxidants like many other unprocessed foods like cherries, blueberries, cranberries, … Most people aren’t eating enough foods with antioxidants, that are found in fruits and vegetables. There was a study done in 2005 that showed people were getting most of their antioxidants from coffee. But a lot of that is because we drink a lot of coffee, and aren’t so good at eating the other non-processed foods we should eat. We do need to eat more fruits and vegetables. Freeze them from the summer crops and whip them up in the winter for great tasting smoothies.


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Custom COFFEE Placemats
Christmas Holiday Gifts



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Custom Espresso Coffee Gifts
Christmas Gifts



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Corporate Client Gifts
Employee Gifts and Customer Gifts

Coffee gifts and Coffee gift baskets are great gifts for executives and companies to give their favorite employees or clients to tell them thank you. Many executive women will get other women these gift baskets to tell their assistants thank you and we appreciate your dedication and hard work.

Corporate Gifts for Clients
Coffee Gift Baskets for Employee Gifts





Coffee Café Aprons

Quality aprons from Baslee Troutman’s Floral and Nature Gift Store has 1000’s of aprons that can be personalized for you coffee gift recipients. Or, you can shop for Coffee Art Aprons from many other artists. So many people drink coffee and many people love coffee. A Coffee gift is always welcomes. These unique aprons are custom made on demand. The possibilities are unlimited. Get a Coffee Café apron, to wear when creating coffee drinks while entertaining or to just dress up a little while keeping your clothes clean in the kitchen. All Coffee Lovers need to have their very own Coffee apron.



Custom Coffee Aprons gifts
Coffee Café Aprons


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Coffee Machines

Coffee brewers and Coffee machines are an important part of getting that great cup of coffee to start the day, or afternoon, or evening. Come see an excellent selection of coffee machines because you have a lot more pots of coffee to have with your spouse, or family and friends



Great Cofffee Brewers
Coffee Machines




Espresso Machines

Give me espresso, and no one gets hurt. This is a great gift idea for the espresso coffee lover. Rich, dark fresh brown coffee beans are the start to the routine making of a great pot of coffee. The first thing I do after grinding the coffee beans, is putting my face down close to the beans, closing my eyes and breathing in deeply. Freshly ground coffee is like a moment in heaven. There’s only you and the aroma, nothing else. It’s the first step to imagining how it’s going to smell brewing and how your first cup of freshly brewed coffee is going to be savored.



Espresso Machines
for the Espresso Coffee Lover




Coffee Press
also know as a French press, press pot, or coffee plunger
Unique Gifts for the Holidays

Some people think this is the best coffee they have ever had, once they try one. A Coffee Press or French Press uses courser ground coffee than a drip coffee brewer. The coffee brews by placing the coffee and water together, stirring it, and then letting it brew for a few minutes. After the brew, you press the plunger to trap the coffee grounds at the bottom of the beaker or they are pulled up and out of the lid, or a compartment that shut off the brewed coffee from touching the grounds. You can brew different strength of coffee. You will get stronger coffee the longer the grounds stay in the brewed coffee. You can remove the coffee to a carafe or leave it for stronger coffee. These brewers are more self-contained and compact, and you can get them in travel mug versions to take with you. They are made of tough plastic or stainless steel, so you can take them into the outdoors.



Coffee Press Gifts
French Press or Coffee Plungers




COFFEE Health Benefits
We Can Still Love Coffee

How Coffee cuts risk factors for Heart Disease and Stroke

Coffee does seem to have some good coffee health benefits. Type 2 diabetes increases the risks for heart disease and strokes. Coffee has been linked to lower your risks for heart rhythms problems which can lead to heart attacks and strokes in both men and women. Coffee may lower the risk for strokes in women. Drinking one to three cups a day, can lead to less hospitalization for abnormal heart rhythms (arrhythmias). Coffee drinking studies have shown a decrease in people dying from heart disease.



Coffee lowers your risk for
Parkinson’s and Alzheimer's Diseases

The data has been consistent for Parkinson’s disease, showing that a higher consumption of coffee is associated with decreasing your risk of getting Parkinson’s. It’s not clear how it works but it may be from the caffeine. Coffee has also been linked to a lower risk of dementia, and Alzheimer’s is in that category.



Coffee lowing risks of certain Cancers

There is a study showing that coffee decreasing your risks with prostate cancer and lowering your risk of liver cirrhosis and liver cancer. Many of these coffee health benefits studies are not sure how the two are associated, but that they look like they are associated. They are not sure how it works or what causes the ‘cause and effect’ of the lower risks.



Notice of Caution

There have been many false alarms with concerns with drinking coffee and how it affects your health. The newer, modern studies have disproven many of them. Coffee seems to be harmless for most people. But there are people that shouldn’t drink coffee because they have certain ailments that coffee with aggravate. There are also some conditions that coffee affects, within certain circumstances. ALERT: There are certain medications that you should not mix with coffee. Do your research to make an informed decision on drinking coffee, how much, or not at all.



iPAD Sleeves COFFEE Gifts
Christmas Gifts Holidays Birthdays Graduation Gifts
You Drink Coffee, You Own an iPAD



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The World is Perfect with
Chocolate & Coffee

Whether its chocolate covered coffee beans or mocha favored coffees, this is a top pick choice for gifts. Get your women friends charged up. My Mom smiles and yes, she is happier, with a mug filled with mocha. The combination of coffee and chocolate is irreplaceable. She and her chocolate loving friends love the latest studies that are showing the health benefits of both coffee and chocolate and tells everyone about each one. Spread the word and share those smiles.



Match made in Heaven
Chocolate and Coffee gifts
It doesn’t get any better!





The Best Coffee Grinders

Grind it Fine, Grind it Course, or grind in between. Coffee Grinders are available for all your needs, with all the settings needed for drip coffee pots to espresso.



Coffee Grinders Gifts





Hot Holiday Gifts
Coffee Gift Baskets

Specialty Coffee Gift Baskets are a Hot item for gifts, especially during the Holidays. They are ideal for someone you love, Friends or Co-works. These Coffee Gift baskets will impress your employees, clients, customers, or business associates. Here are a few coffee gift basket ideas to get you started. Many of the gift baskets have various other goodies added to them, such as biscuits, cookies, chocolate, nuts, and mugs.

The ultimate favorite coffees and most popular coffee flavored goodies are blended together into beautiful gift baskets that that fit any gift giving occasion - and budgets. Click on an item to go the Coffee gift Baskets choices. You’ll be impressed with the many choices.



Coffee Baskets
are a “HOT” gift




e-Readers & Reading
Have a Good Book with Your Coffee

Just the right threesome: Coffee, chocolate and Reading. Read a good book, and enjoy a great cup of coffee. That’s the ticket.



e-Readers gifts
Have a Good Book with your Coffee




Kindle paperwhite e-Reader 3G





Kindle Covers
Holiday Gifts Kindle Cases custom



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Barista Gifts

Are you a Barista (expert in coffee preparation)? A Barista will know another Barista anywhere in the world. Many Baristas practice the art of making the perfect cup of specialty drinks like lattes. Veteran, skilled baristas practice and spend years mastering things like latte art.



Barista Gifts




Fill these Gift Mugs
With Lots of Chocolate or Great Coffee

Custom unique gift Mugs with floral, nature or with messages for your Mom, Sweetheart, Friends, Holiday or any special occasion can be filled with Chocolate to make a personal gift that will be cherished long after the chocolate is gone. There are lots of different kinds of Mugs including Large Jumbo size mugs. Chose the perfect mug gift if she love Flowers like Roses, Sunflowers, Hydrangeas, Poppies, Irises, Rhodies, Dahlias, Tulips, Daffodils, and many other flowers. The Baslee Troutman Zazzle Art Floral Gift Store has hundreds of Floral and Nature gift mugs and other popular gifts.



Custom Coffee Mugs


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Give Your Professional Assistants the Perfect Gift of Coffee

Coffee gift baskets and other gourmet coffees are excellent gifts for your hard-working assistants, secretaries, and receptionists. Assistants do so much for you and the company, show them how much they mean to you. A little appreciation and gratitude goes a long way. This is the gift you want to get to make them feel extra special.

Professional Assistants Gifts
Coffee for your Assistant





Thanks for the Gift Basket!



Espresso Sets & Mugs

Throughout the year, we never run out of reasons to give presents. Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, birthdays, weddings and graduations are just a few. A universally welcomed gift is an espresso coffee set. It’s a chic, elegant, and trendy expression of celebrating drinking coffee. You can only hope you’ll get one for your after dinner espresso pleasure.



Espresso Sets & Espresso Mugs




Evidence that Coffee
is more Good for You, then harmful

Good Reasons to Enjoy Coffee
Coffee Health Benefits

So enjoy! True coffee connoisseurs start and end their day with the aroma and flavors of some of the best coffees. Coffee also, helps many of us get through the mid-day and afternoon low energy slumps we feel. They pick us up and we feel comforted by the coffee and more able to push on, and get that smile back on our face. It’s great that scientist and the studies are now showing that coffee shows very little risks, used within moderation. All of us java junkies like to hear that. Coffee is part of life. A very good part, and worthwhile part of life, either alone or shared with family, friends, co-workers, or neighbors. Getting a cup of Joe together is a long time, and guaranteed way to come together in agreement and building on what we have in common. It’s like a peace offering.


Coffee Drinking as a Performance Enhancer

People that drink coffee in the morning seem to perform on tests better. It seems to increase your attention, focus, psychomotor skills, and long term memory for a few hours after drinking a few cups. They think the connection between memory and coffee is that it increases the levels of calcium, which is important to our memory. Coffee increased your reaction time and reasoning abilities if drank regularly. As you age, you’ll perform better on cognitive tests if you drink coffee over your lifetime.


Notice of Caution

There have been many false alarms with concerns with drinking coffee and how it affects your health. The newer, modern studies have disproven many of them. Coffee seems to be harmless for most people. But there are people that shouldn’t drink coffee because they have certain ailments that coffee with aggravate. There are also some conditions that coffee affects, within certain circumstances. ALERT: There are certain medications that you should not mix with coffee. Do your research to make an informed decision on drinking coffee, how much, or not at all.



I Love Coffee! (Recipe book)
Coffee Desserts & Coffee Drinks

Now coffee lovers can make delicious cappuccinos, cold coffee quenchers, decadent coffee desserts, and classy coffee martinis year-round using simple techniques with gourmet results in this indispensable coffee guide and cookbook.

I Love Coffee! Coffee connoisseurs will want to try all the great Coffee Desserts for the Holidays and Entertaining. It’s fun to experiment and make some great desserts to go along with coffee. Now is a great time to see how to make all those great tasting coffee drinks. Here are some great Coffee recipes Books that will show you how to make just about every specialty coffee drink you can think of. You can also pick up a book to practice Coffee Barista Art which is pretty amazing. These Latte Art Designs are fascinating and very cool to look at.



Coffee Recipe Books
Coffee Drinks Coffee Desserts




Coffee Recipes Binders custom

Now coffee lovers can have their own custom, unique binders to collect Coffee drink and dessert recipes. Add your own text to all sides of the binders. Choose from 1000’s of binders. Baslee Troutman Zazzle Floral and Nature Gift Mugs Store has 100’s of Floral and nature binders that could be custom made into Coffee Recipes binders or any other home or office needs. These are great to give as personalized gifts to pass recipes along to your friends and family.



Custom Coffee Recipes Binders


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Welcome to the

Baslee Troutman
Gift Giving Guide & Ideas

How to Give the Best Gifts
Gifts for Family, Friends
Gifts for Teachers, Co-Workers, Bosses
Giving the Best Holiday Gifts
Birthday Gifts, Valentines, Anniversaries


Hello! Hope it’s a beautiful day where you are and that you’ll find the perfect gift idea or gift giving tips. You can find lots of gift giving advice here or click through to the help pages for more ideas. Giving and receiving gifts should be fun, rewarding and bring a smile to our face. We’d like to help you locate the perfect gift that is meaningful and shows how much you care. Thank you for letting us provide you with helpful advice, time proven tips, and connect you with lots of options for unique, cool and quality gifts that fit all price ranges and budgets. Baslee Troutman wishing you healthy, happy and prosperous travels!


  1. Keep a Gift Giving list
  2. Set up a Gift Giving Calendar
  3. Set a annual Gift Budget
  4. Plan your Gift buying
  5. Give meaningful Gifts
  6. Sincerely and honestly care about the person you are giving a gift
  7. Collect information about what are good gifts
  8. Watch for gifts all year and store them away
  9. Gift Giving Etiquette it with a smile and a genuine, heart-felt wish that they enjoy it
  10. Get a gift appropriate to their likes, hobbies, lifestyle, and occupation – not yours


Gift Guide Ideas & Tips
Keep a Gift Giving list

Keep a Gift Giving list, book, binder. You’ll have a short list in your purse, phone, or computer, and a longer list and record of gifts you have given at home in a binder. Start your list by including those most important and closest to you, for Holidays and Special Occasions. Then add in everyone that will get smaller gifts, which would be your friends, people you work with, neighbors and service people for only the top Holidays like Christmas gifts for Holiday gifts. Last, add on any special occasion you are aware of such as wedding gifts, anniversary gifts, Graduation gifts, Baby Shower gifts, Baptisms, housewarmings, and occupational celebrations days such as Boss’ Day and Professional Assistant’s Day.

Your Gift Giving List is the start of Gift giving plan and annual Gift budget. You’ll have your cards and gifts in advance of the event, holiday or occasion. Everyone you’re buying a gift for in the next year will be on your list, you’ll plan your budget, and you’ll be prepared all the time and every time a gift is needed. That will save you a lot of stress, improve time management, and save you money. You’re gifts will be more meaningful and memorable because you are allowing time for thought and consideration. Go to the “Gift Giving Keeping a List” page for details.


KINDLE Fire Tablets & Kindle eReaders
About the new Kindle Fire HD Tablet
Gifts for the Holidays, Birthday Gifts for Her



Holiday Gift Guide Ideas & Tips
Set up a Gift Giving Calendar

Setting up a Gift Giving Calendar is second to the gift giving list. Everything will be arranged chronologically in order of date. Add in all holidays, birthday dates, and special occasions. Larger Holidays like Christmas, Easter or if you have a lot of special occasion in a short period of time should be given more time to prepare, plan, research and plan. Do your Christmas shopping all year, and wrap it up in September and October. You will be saving to do this. Once you get on this schedule, you’ll be able to shop the clearance and door buster sales for occasions further out in the year like Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Graduations, or Anniversaries. Get your list of upcoming Holiday, Events & National Celebrations.


Family Gift Guide Ideas & Tips
Set a annual Gift Budget

The third component of your gift giving list is adding in costs. Yes, you do want to know how much you’ll be spending on gifts this year. Your Gift Giving Budget will change your outlook, ideas, who you give gifts to and how much you spend. You might already have a good idea but this will make it real. You may also be very surprised at how much you spend in one area compare to how much you’d like to spend in others. This will allow you to shift around what is most important to you and see how it fits into your annual and monthly income, along with your overall budget. You may want to eliminate people or events. Set up your list and budget in whatever gadget or program you are most comfortable with.

Set an amount you can afford to spend annually on gifts that fits your budget, does not overextend you or cause you to use credit.

Start at the top with the most important people with your ‘must get a gift’ people and occasions. Place a dollar amount next to these people for the major holidays with the highest amounts. Then add in the minor holidays & celebrations for these important people closes to you. Next write in the dollar amounts for ‘must get a gift’ for these occasions for these special people that you care about. Remember, this is because you want to. Add everything up and see if it’s within your overall budget to spend these amounts. If you can buy these gifts without it straining your budget or using credit (meaning you have saved for it through the year or you have enough income coming in each month), the last people and occasions you add on gifts for are your service people, people at work, and friends other than your very best friends (only if they agree they want to do gift giving) and less important occasions like housewarmings or new neighbors, national celebration days, get well, and sympathy.

If you are over the amount you can save and have income coming in for your gift budget, start removing people, certain people for certain occasions, and certain occasions. Add it up again. If you are still over the amount you want to budget, lower the amount you will spend per person and occasion starting with the least important to you. Highlight the ones that you will not compromise and want to always stick to that amount while you make reductions elsewhere. Go through this cycle until you’re within your budget.

You will be saving the amount you need for gifts in your monthly budget to cover these expenses. If you use credit cards, you’ll pay them off each month with the money you have saved each month through the year for your annual gift budget. These are monthly expenses that should never be brought on credit that you pay interest on.

Are you giving gifts to everyone every time you go on vacation? Are you buying gifts for a large circle of people for all holidays like Easter, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, etc? Are you giving gifts multiple times for the same special occasion like someone getting married?

Don’t forget to include other items into your Gift Giving budget. Cards, gift wrap, shipping, candy, cakes, additional food costs, restaurants, decorations, hosting parties, invitations, thank you cards, travel, outfits, donations to products for non-profits or activities for fundraisers, collections for group gifts and helping others get gifts for their families (especially at Christmas). Are you ready to say WOW yet?



Jewelry Rings
Holiday Gifts for Her, Engagements, Anniversaries, Birthdays




Save $500 Right Now
Money for the Holidays

How to Save Money for Christmas Gifts

Cell phone- Check your cell phone plan twice a year to look for options you do not use. Change your plan to where it has features that you use the most for the best price, and get rid of anything you don’t use. You can get a cheaper plan.
Exercising Gym Membership – If you have a gym membership, only keep it if you go all the time, all year. Cancel it if you can find a way to do your exercise outside, at home, or have other options. Don’t pay for a membership that you do not use.
Insurance plans - Raise your deductibles on your home and car insurance. Insurance was meant to cover costs that you are not able to afford to cover. If you have savings that would cover a portion of a loss, calculate how much you can save with a lower deductible. The cost for the higher deductible may be very costly.
Premium Movie Channels - Cancel any movie or packages that you don’t use. Look at the new programming on what you watch to see if you have everything saved on DVR to play when you want to. There are cheap movie rentals through several channels now. It may be cheaper to cancel the expensive movie channels on your cable and look at other options.
Pick up a few Extra Shifts at Work - Watch for opportunities to work a few extra hours or shifts at work, or pick up extra work for family and friends. Save this money for Christmas Gifts, or start looking for some good deal right now. You’ll always save money by not being in a hurry or under pressure when you shop.
Yard Sales or sell On-Line - Clear out one room a week now through the next few months. If you have a large room or a packed garage, split it into two sides. Hold a garage sale. Many people make several hundred dollars to over a $1000 at their sales. There are plenty of unused items lying around your home. Post it for sale on one of the on-line venues for selling items. Some people do this with all their old hobbies, toys, and children’s supplies, equipment and items.

You can do it. Start now and you’ll be happily surprised. You’ll get some extra cash for the Holidays plus your house will be cleaned up. Nice. /p>



Amazon has all the Great Gifts you need
Gifts for Moms, gifts for Dads,
Gifts for Daughters, Gifts for Son,
Gifts for Grandma, Gifts for Grandpa,
Gifts for Friends

Cool Sports Bags, Fitness Bags, Travel Bags




Occasions Gift Guide Ideas & Tips
Gift Giving Plan

Planning your Gift List, Calendar & Budget come prior to setting up your Gift Giving Plan. As a matter of fact, most of your plan has come together by doing those three things. To plan your Gift Giving you would get agreement with your spouse and significant other on the plan right now. Negotiate and compromise with them. They may feel very strongly about some people and occasions and not others. It’s always a good idea to ask, talk about it and adjust to what works for both couples. I know some people that keep additional money out of their own weekly spending money (they save it) to spend more on gifts for some people than their spouse would agree to. They sacrifice to give to others. That’s how you really know how important it is to you. Would you give up something for yourself to buy something for someone else? If you won’t, why should your family’s general funds? That’s a hard one to answer. I know, because I’ve had to do it before.

Once you have everything set in place. Place on your calendar a due date, deadline or reminder that is 2-4 weeks before each event as the date you will have the gift purchased by. Commit to keeping those deadlines.

Look at the ‘Timing’ of costs. Some times of the year occasions and holidays may have too many too close together. This is why it’s so important to know who means the most to you. Maybe you end up spending more on things not so important than on your Mom’s Birthday, just because you have so many expenses around May. You always end up feeling bad because you want to do something more special for your Mom every years but you are broke at that time every single year. Save an equal amount of your annual budget for gifts, every single month so you have what you need and want every time.

Add on items you know you want to buy for the person, if you know it. Now you can shop for the right item at the right price all year long. You’ll check it off your list and keep it in your designated spot. During certain times of the year, while you are already shopping or you just come across it, you can pick it up at a better price. Show for Father’s Day during the after Christmas sales.


Gift Guide Ideas & Tips
Collect information about what are good gifts

Listen. During the entire year you have plenty of opportunity to listen to the other person to see what they like, what they would get for themselves, or what they comment on that they think is cool or beautiful to them. You know all those times you may not be listening completely or blocking them out. Stop, and ask them questions. Let them talk. Sometimes people say things, and then retract them once they talk about it more or think about it. It just momentarily interested them or caught their attention. What you’re looking for are things that are long lasting or standing. They say they like it more than once, they are dropping hints, and they even subconsciously telling you what they are into but are too modest to come out and say outright. Others you know may know more about what the person likes and wants. Ask them, research it, check it out and see if it holds any weight.


Top Gift Guide Ideas & Tips
Give meaningful Gifts

Meaningful gifts are ones that the other person would enjoy or get pleasure from, not you. Always, always, always remember that you are buying for the other person, not yourself. Their tastes are very different. Look around their house, watch what they wear, what commercials do they stop to watch and comment on, what do they stop to look at in stores, and what would add value or meaning to what they have. Gifts that have meaning are ones that you put the “Right” type of thought into. You know them, you figured them out, and you paid attention. If you are going to ask them, listen to them. Ask them to show you or explain, ask what type, color, brand, size, and where did they see it. Ask if that is the only one they like or if they have seen others. Ask yourself if they like to be surprised, do they like anything you get, or are they really picky and want only what they want.

If your daughter-in-law says she want towels every year, get them for her. It’s that easy. Don’t discount what she wants or say you’re tired of giving it, or get the kind you like and not what she likes. Does she like the big soft ones? Could she use some elegant ones for her front bath for guests that have some pretty trimming on them? What’s her favorite colors. You’ve been in the stores with her before. It’s an easy one. Take it, and make her happy. If your mom says she just wants some gift storage boxes to put old cards and photos into, or a wallet, don’t ignore it for a number of years. She says the same thing each year and everyone says no and gets her something else. Really, if you ask, then write it down and get it.



Best Selling Popular Digital Photo Frames
Gifts for Grandma, Gifts for Mom
Mom will love these Photo Frames!




Top Gift Guide Tips & Ideas
Sincerely and Honestly care about the person
you are giving a gift

There’s no need to get gifts for people you don’t really care about unless they are very, very close to you like your grandma or parents. If you absolutely have to get a gift, get something small. Giving gifts is to tell someone you love them, you like them, they are important to you, thank you, you appreciate them, or they are special. Keep that in mind. It should be fun and rewarding for you and them. Have fun with it. If you are getting gifts for friends, neighbors, co-workers, or service people that you know but are not close to or do not really care about, stop. Redirect your time, effort, attention, and money towards those who mean the most.


Gift Guide Ideas & Tips
Watch for gifts all year and store them away


Get a few storage boxes and designate a certain spot for gifts. Watch for gifts all year. Look at your list so you remember who you’ve brought for and what. Look in your ideas for them. Have something in mind in advance so you’ll know when you see the perfect item for them. You’ll know exactly what to do. You’ll know if it’s a good price. You’re doing your leg work as your out and about doing other things and errands. This will relieve so much pressure and stress. When everyone else is going crazy, complaining, and having their holidays ruin by having a shortage of time and money, you’ll be feeling pretty good. You’ll be enjoying yourself and refocusing on the real meaning of these holidays and occasions. This is a must for enjoyment of life. Make this a priority this year, and every year you’ll get better.



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Gift Guide Ideas & Tips
Gift Giving Etiquette

Say it with a smile and a genuine, heart-felt wish that they enjoy it on their Birthday, or Valentine’s Day, or Happy Holidays. Say what you mean without playing down or up the gift. Say what you mean without putting yourself down for maybe getting the wrong thing, you won’t because you know exactly what they wanted. Give it without an apology or a ‘I’m sorry if you don’t like it, I didn’t know what to get you.’ That is just wrong to say that. Once you give it to them, be happy. Stop pressuring them for more comments about whether they like what ‘you didn’t know what to get.’ If that’s the case, put more effort into it without hounding them. Sometimes, some people ask like you should almost go get what you want yourself from the store, and you’re the easiest person to buy for because you like so much. But they don’t listen, or don’t want to get what you say, so they fret and struggle and complain about it. All of that ruins gift giving for the giver and recipient.


Gift Guide Ideas & Tips
Get a gift appropriate to their likes, hobbies,
lifestyle, and occupation – not yours

Talk with them and their parents, children or spouse to find out what their current, most favorite hobbies or leisure time activity is. Everyone has interests that reflect their style or lifestyle. Giving gifts that reflect your interest or consideration of what they like doing the most, is priceless. It’s a gift that well received. All you need to do is collect a little information from them or someone close to them, look at your options, ask a few questions, and you’re set. Do this early and throughout the year, so you’re not going crazy at the last minute trying to find some obscure item that they thought they saw once but they can’t give you the specifics. You want to prevent wild goose cases, and know exactly what they would get if they were getting it for themselves.


Gift Giving for Teachers
Favorite Teacher Holiday Gift, Birthday Gift,
Teacher’s Week gifts
they will love and use.

Baslee Troutman: Yes, custom coffee mugs are fine. Travel Mugs are the best. Go to the Baslee Troutman Nature Gift Store for Teacher Gifts and choose a custom art photography picture and add the teacher’s name or a special saying such as “Teachers are Everyday Heroes!” Teachers love teaching and want to feel special about what theydo. Get something personal and that will help them feel appreciated. There are 1000’s of popular Teacher gifts that can be personalized for them for their classrooms like notebooks, binders, dry erase boards, stationery, tote bags, stickers, magnets, aprons, water bottles, award plaques, cell phone covers, wall clocks, luggage tags if they travel during the holidays or over the summer, inspirational posters, mousepads, planners, wall decals, and laptop sleeves plus many more. Gifts for indulging like chocolate make fine gifts also. Remember gifts are for those you want to make feel special or to show appreciation for or let them know you care about them. If you do not care for your teacher, you do not need to give them a gift Instead you can gift a donation to the school for something they need, and in certain tax brackets you can write off the charitable donation to non-profits. Or you could purchase some books, and donate them to the library, or craft products and supplies for art supplies, or sporting goods for PE and recess physical activities.



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Busines Etiquette - Gift Giving for Bosses
The Guidelines for Giving Your Boss a Gift

Baslee Troutman: Do I have to give a Birthday or Christmas Gift to My Boss? No, it’s not required and you shouldn’t unless you really feel strongly that they are a great boss and you’d like to show them your appreciation. Be careful about the gift you get them to make sure you do not send them the wrong message, imply that you did because you thought they expected it, or you are looking for favors in return. You may make them feel uncomfortable, especially if you make a lot less money or they know you are having financial troubles.

Here are a few Etiquette Rules for giving gifts to your boss, manager, or others in authority positions:
Consider organizing getting a Group Gift. For birthdays and holidays this will allow everyone to participate and there will not be hurt feelings or the perception of favorites. You never want to look like you are ‘one-up’ them on gift giving for attention. This will always backfire in the long run.

Deliver your gift to your boss in private, or leave it in their office for them when they are in a meeting. If you make a big deal out of it, others will resent it and you boss may not appreciate your showmanship. Refrain from bragging about your gift or showing it off in front of others.

Keep Your boss’ gift simple and something they can use at work , or can open and share with other. Great gifts for bosses are food, nuts, fruits baskets, chocolates, or other items they can open in the office and let everyone join in. This allows you to give to them, and they in turn have a great time putting it out to share with others. It’s a double gift.

If you do get your boss something personal, keep it relatively inexpensive. You can order custom gift Coffee mugs that say what a great boss they are, or other gift that you add a special saying to. Never Give Cash as a Personal Gift. Gift cards for restaurants or something fun like going to the movies is fine.

If you want to do something nice for your boss but do not have the money for a gift, do not make promises, or offer to do something in the future. IOU’s are not favorable. Get your boss a cards and write a sincere note about what they do for you, your team and the company. Have everyone sign the card.

If you do not care for your boss, do not give a gift. Just offer genuine wishes to have a wonderful Holidays or Happy Birthday with a smile.

Be honest in your gift giving. You’re doing it because you want to. You are not expecting any favors or anything in return. If you give a gift with expectations attached, you gave it for the wrong reason. Never, ever complain that your boss doesn’t deserve it or that they did not show enough enthusiasm in receiving the gift. This is not the right time or place to bad-mouth your boss. Giving gifts should be reward, fun and feel good, do try to handle everything related to giving gifts in a positive way. It’s best to find ways to enjoy holidays, special occasion and spend your time and energy on each other.




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