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Welcome to the Baslee Troutman Gift Guide for Tailgating Gear Gifts

See you at the Stadium
For Game Day

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Tailgating Gear
Tailgating Gifts


Tailgating at Sporting Events
Party On Game Day!!

Tailgating at major sporting or racing events is a national pastime. It’s a time to be free spending time having fun with your family, friends and Bros. Give him a creative gift that will bring him lots of hooting and hollering attention. He’d love the drill blender, drink holders, portable outdoor kitchens, tailgating grills, grilling gear, tailgating coolers, propane generators, tailgating canopies for shades, sunglasses, tailgating hats, grilling aprons, tailgating chairs, beverage tubs, grill lights, portable coolers, tailgating tents, tailgating canopy, tailgating flag poles, tailgating tables, tailgating games, condiment sets, bbq smoking chips, bbq sauces and rubs, and many other gifts that tailgating enthusiasts would love. Sports fan will love these tailgating gear and tailgating gift ideas.


What would football season be
 without the tailgate party?
And what would a tailgating party be
without the perfect barbecue?


BBQ Grills
 Tailgating Grills
Portable Propane Grills,
 Charcoal grills or Table top grills

This is the centerpiece of attention. Everything revolves around the Tailgating BBQ grill. Across America, fans begin their ritualistic pilgrimage to the sports and racing stadiums of all the nation's teams for game days. It’s a tribute and celebration of the teams that they love. An integral part of the game day spectacle is the pre-game parking lot festivities. It’s all about the Drinks and Food, Food, and more food. Grilled foods are unquestionably the most popular pastime for tailgating parties, especially if it’s beef. The most popular barbequed meats are burgers, wings, and sausages. A good grill is essential. You want your tailgating grill to be portable, sturdy and provide a large enough grilling surface to provide food for you, your friends and anyone that stops by to talk.



Tailgating Grills
Portable BBQ Grills
Tailgating Gear Tailgating Gifts


Men Love Getting These Gifts

Men love getting gifts that relate to their hobbies, sports, leisure activities or ones that showcase their talents, skills or image such as Grilling, Team Sports or guys stuff that can enhance areas that they hang out. They like things they can use or put to good use. They want to show off their gifts. If it moves, makes the right noise, has power, can be tweaked for performance, can go faster, harder or longer, or creates a Tasty Meal that they can share with their friends then you’re in the right ball game. Performance and uniqueness count when choosing the right gift for men.



    Tailgating Chairs

Be comfortable. Get a good Chair, and better get good ones for everyone so they don’t take yours every time you get up. Time to replace the old ones. You’ll want to have a few extra chairs around to create an inviting and welcoming gesture for others to stop by, and to feel free to sit down to talk for awhile. Tailgaters are very friendly, and love celebrating their teams with everyone.


Tailgating Chairs
Comfortable Outdoor Chairs
Tailgating Gifts Tailgating Gear



Many More Tailgating Gifts and Gear
can be found below!!!



Tailgating Gear & Equipment
We have

Tailgating Grills
Tailgating Chairs
Tailgating Shades Canopies
Tailgating Portable Flagpoles
Tailgating Tables
Portable Outdoor Kitchens
Tailgating Beverage Coolers
Tailgating Beverage Tubs
Tailgating Games
Tailgating Tee Shirts
Game Day Drinks Holders
Sun Glasses for Sports Fans
Hats for Tailgating
Grilling Aprons
BBQ Sauces, Meat Rubs, Meat Flavoring
Tailgating Mugs
Condiment sets
Smoker Chips
BBQ Binders custom
Grilling Recipe Books
Drill Blenders
Portable Generators
Grill Sets
Cell Phone Cases Sports Fan Mobile Phone Covers
Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him
Birthday Gifts for Him
Plus Much More!!



Tailgating Shade Canopies & Tents

Being outside is the number one choice by most men. Hanging out and relaxing. Hanging with the guys under the blues skies, soaking up some rays. But sometimes you just need to some shade time to cool off or need to block a little wind that kicked up. Barbequing the perfect meal often requires that the grill is at the right temperate, which a cooler breeze can interfere with. Game Day Tailgating gets better with the right gear and equipment. Take a look at the many options and show off your new set up at your next tailgate party.



Tailgating Shade Canopy
Tailgate Wind & Shade Tent Canopies



Tailgating Portable Flagpoles

Proudly Fly that Flag High at your all American game day parties and celebrations.



Tailgating Portable Flag Poles
Tailgating Gear



Tailgating Tables & Kitchens

The Tailgating Tables and portable Kitchen set ups will give you all the surface room you need for fixing, cooking and eating all that great BBQ tailgating food and drinks. They give you a place to eat and play.



Tailgating Tables
Tailgating Gear Tailgating BBQ



Tailgating Portable Kitchens

These portable kitchen will give you all the room you need at your game day tailgating get togethers.



Tailgating Portable Kitchens
Tailgating  BBQ



Grilling Tailgating Foods

The best foods for grilling at a tailgating party are often the simplest. Hamburgers, hotdogs, and even grilled cheese sandwiches are the mainstays of tailgating grilling on game day. It's hard to grill these easy foods wrong, so it's all about the sauce. The tasty aromas come from the marinade, sauces, spice rub, and the toppings. Use lean ground beef to guarantee your hamburgers will stay large (less shrinkage) and there will be fewer juice drippings causing flare ups on your grill. Bratwurst or other grilling sausages can have different cheeses added on to spice them up, or you can brush your buns with spices and garlic butter before toasting them.

Make sure your hamburger is cooked all the way through before serving it to your family and friends. It’s always a good idea to have a meat thermometer on hand. Keep you meats stored, prepared served on plates separately from your other foods. Hands and surfaces that you’ve used to prepare raw meat need to be for the raw meat only. Keep them away from cooked meats and other foods.



BBQ Skewers

Anything on a skewer works well at a tailgating party. Try everything from veggies to shrimp because they cook up fast and easy. Onions or mushrooms can be alternated with small steak cubes or thicker potato slices. This lets the flavors blend together. Marinate your meat ahead of time with flavorful marinades, teriyaki, sesame, Italian dressing, beer, or red wine. Keep a good hot sauce on hand for anyone who likes it hotter.

Tailgating Trick: soak your wooden skewers in water for a few hours ahead of time, so they don't char, burn or catch on fire. On your 2-level grill you can keep cooked skewers warm on the second level without overcooking them, while cooking other grilling meats on the bottom.

BBQ Skewers are an easy way to throw a great tailgating party and continue to eat healthy. Tomatoes, mushrooms, onions, peppers, zucchini, and squash can be added to skewers to make great veggie kabobs. To add meats, just trim away the fat and remove the skin. More Tailgating Foods below.



BBQ Skewers
For Tailgating Game Day Parties
Tailgating BBQ



Getting Him the Perfect Gift

Giving and receiving gifts should be fun, rewarding and bring a smile to our face. We’d like to help you locate the perfect Tailgating gift with helpful advice, time proven tips, and connect you with lots of options for unique, cool and quality gifts that fit all price ranges and budgets. Baslee Troutman wishing you healthy, happy and prosperous travels!
See Our Helpful Tailgating Gift Guide and Gift Giving tips for Game Day BBQs. You can quickly and easily shop, click and send gifts 24/7. Everyone is shopping on-line because it is convenient. You can literally choose from 100,000’s gift items. You can find the best price, and see all the sales and discounts immediately. You can use the retailer’s safe-checkout options. Be the first to see and know about new trends, colors, styles and gift products for people, occasions and holidays. Click through to the gifts pages to see an incredible selection of gift ideas for your husband, Dad, son, brother, grandpa or friends. Shopping for holiday and special occasion gifts couldn’t get any simpler for customers, employees, and co-workers or any other person you care about.



Tailgating Games

Tailgate games keep everyone busy and having fun in between eating and drinking. Play with the family or get a little competition going with the guys.



Tailgating Games
Tailgating Gear



Tailgating Tee Shirts
Grilling Grill Master T-shirts

He has bragging rights and Tees are a great way to tell everyone you are a Tailgater Partier or the Grand Master of Grilling. Many men have a collection of Barbequing T-shirts. Get them for your fellow tailgaters, friends, brothers, Dad, Uncles, Nephews, or Grandpa. You can find custom personal BBQ Tee Shirts and Grilling Tees or Grilling Hats at Zazzle Gift store.



Grilling Tee Shirts
Tailgating Gifts for Him

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Tailgating Tee Shirts

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Hats for Tailgating

You love being out in the sun but you need to be comfortable and still look stylish. Trucker’s sports hats are available at the Zazzle Gift stores or see other ideas below. At Zazzle you can choose from 1000’s of hats, customize and personalize them with your own text or saying.



Hats for Tailgating from Zazzle custom Gifts

See other gifts available on Zazzle.



Hats for Tailgating
Fan Sports Hats
Tailgating Gifts for Him



Tailgating Sunglasses

Wicked Cool Sun Glasses. Look Good, protect your eyes, and enjoy being out in the open air.



Tailgating Sports Sun Glasses
Tailgating Gifts for Him



Beverage Tub Coolers

The best foods and the Coldest Drinks. Friends, Family and your Favorite Team. This is the perfect life. Hey, while you’re over there, would you get me a brew too.



Tailgating Beverage Tub Coolers
Tailgating Gifts for Him



Tailgating Coolers & Ice Chests

Ice Cold Beer and Soda for you, your friends, and your family. I love having a cooler for the drinks and a cooler for the food. Look, this one hold everything we need.



Tailgating Coolers & Ice Chests
Tailgating Gear



Grilling Aprons

He’ll look like the Professional Grilling master with his own outdoor Tailgating BBQ apron. This is almost like a sports uniform for the Grill Man to stake his claim to the grilling responsibilities as a host, a provider and the man that knows how to Barbeque better than anyone else. It’s taken very serious. The BBQ apon will save his team sports clothes from being stained and ruined. Custom personalized aprons can be found at Zazzle Gift Store.



Tailgating Aprons

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BBQ Aprons Grill Master
Tailgating BBQ



BBQ Sauces, Meat Rubs, Meat Flavoring

Anyone can cook up a burger, steak, hotdogs or other meats. The real BBQ Pro knows it’s all about the Flavor. What they will remember is how good it tastes because you layered on the perfect BBQ sauces, marinades and rubs. Brew and Que!




BBQ Sauces & Marinades for Tailgating
Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce
Tailgating BBQ



BBQ Meat Rubs for Tailgating
Tailgating BBQ



BBQ Smoker Chips
For Tailgating Game Day Barbeques

BBQ Smoking Chips by the bagful. Order them by type of Flavor and Fragrance, and robustness to try all the sweet woods.



BBQ Smoker Chips
Sweet Wood Chips for Smoking Meats
Tailgating BBQ



Tailgating Gear Grill Sets

Tailgating Gear, Tailgating accessories, grill sets.



Tailgating Gear, Grill Sets, Tailgating Accessories
Tailgating gifts for Him


I can’t wait for the next Tailgating Party
We always have a great time!



BBQ Recipes Binders custom

Get one of these custom personalize BBQ Grilling Tailgating Binders at Zazzle to store your itinerary, recipes, or any other information you don’t want to lose.



Always BBQ recipes Binders Custom
Tailgating Gifts

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Grilling Recipe Books

your books before you go to the games and show off your barbeque know how on game day. Find the best grilling and barbequing books and recipes guides available. Give yourself a head start or try something new by listening to the professionals. Every cooking adventure has its tricks, secrets and advice. Know what going to happen before it happens.



Grilling BBQ Recipe Books



Grilling BBQ Condiments Sets Gifts
Hot & Spicy Condiment Gift Sets
Tailgating Gifts



Tailgating Portable Generators

Tailgating portable generators will make everything easier, giving you the comforts of home while out for some Game Day Fun.



Portable Generators for Tailgating
Tailgating Gear Tailgating Gifts



iPhone 5 Cell Phone Cases and Covers

Get the Latest iPhone 5 cases, customize them, add text.



ADS Cell Phone Covers Cases
Cell Phone iPhone 5 covers cases
Sports Fans Tailgating Gifts

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Creative Unique Gift Ideas
Fan Cell Phone Covers
Sports Fan Mobile Phone cases



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